Advent Door 6

Nearly a week down and I’m off to my first Christmas party of the season! I’m going to join some of my fellow presenters on Reach On Air for a Christmas meal in Birmingham and a trip around the German Christmas Market! So when you hear about riots in Birmingham, you’ll know it’s a small group of drunk internet radio presenters having themselves a good time! ;)

So today’s Christmas Advent Calender Door has been opened early, and it’s quite the treat!

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Advent Door 3

We’re glad to see lots of you are enjoying the advent calender already! Don’t forget to share the posts with your friends, and lets keep the discovery of new music going!

If you’re a musician with a video, and want to be featured within the calender, we still have a few spots available so drop us a tweet @kittyopalshow and we’ll take a look at your video and see if we can slot you in somewhere!

In the mean time, on to Door 3!

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