Speaking In Shadows – EP Launch Gig Review

We sent one of our favourite photographers, Danielle Rose, to take photos at the launch for The Lies We Lead EP by Speaking In Shadows, she sent us this report back with some fantastic shots!


Friday the 18th of July was a night that the likes of me and various other fans of Speaking In Shadows had been waiting for eagerly. Their long awaited EP called The Lies We Lead had been released 3 days previous to the gig day, giving dedicated fans of the band enough time to learn lyrics to new songs.

As their photographer for the night I went down early to help set-up and watch the sound check and from watching this I could already tell that the night was going to be a brilliant one.

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Colorful Rhythm MegaPixy Review

Colorful Rhythm are an indie rock band from the USA, who released an album back in March 2013. A year on, and they’re back with a great new album! Get ready to hear the new full length release of ‘MegaPixy’ which has a wide range of guitar, drum and electronic backing which gives this Colorful Rhythm their own touch to make it their own.

Starting off with a great beat song which draws you in, then changes throughout the whole album. I love this!

Skulls and Flower has to be my favourite track , I just think the harmonies and the backing track go so well together and the lyrics are great.

The others are great too each very unique compared to the others!

This is an album to listen to at a family barbeque, to have a laugh to but really feel the music.


The Bedroom Hour – Hinterland Album Review

The Bedroom Hour is a 5 piece band from London but taking their music to the next level they decided to move up north to get a bigger audience and was right to do so. Their music was a hit in Manchester having lots of feedback about previous tracks. Stuart, Rob, Mark, Andy, Lewis have just released their debut album ‘Hinterland’ which has a indie/alternative genre and the 10 track album on Pledge Music.

Starting off with an instrumental called ‘Ocean’ this sets a calm and relaxed atmosphere when you are listening which then carries on to the second track!

After listening to just the first two tracks you will be hooked!

Both Broken and Hinterland are dark songs which let you hear the words and could be how personal it was to one of the members but then on Hinterland you can tell the story of where they are ready to move on but won’t forget.

Listening to this album would be best in the afternoon at the weekends to relax to and just forget about everything and listen to the wonderful music and lyrics.



28 North – World Of Fire Review

Another quick review from our work experience gal, Gemma!

28 North are a 3 piece from Pittsburgh, with a Rock / Alternative genre these guys have been releasing music and performing for some time now and have a great fan base in the USA.

World on Fire is the latest Album from the trio, Starting with a track called ‘Call Me Up’ which is a slow beat song which allows you to take the lyrics in and listen carefully.

A mixture of upbeat and slow beat songs lets their fans understand the lyrics but also able to rock out to them in their living room when they are at home.

The best time to listen to this is in the evening /night time  where you can listen to the slow beat songs and  then rock out to the upbeat.

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In Hindsight Tour – London Date Review

Last night a members of the TKOS crew and myself headed down to London to catch the final night of In Hindsight’s tour.

Throughout the week we’d heard glowing reports on twitter and facebook about the tour that we were rather excited to go and get a little taste of it for ourselves. Add onto that the fact that support band Keep The Change had been in control of our Twitter and Instagram accounts for the duration of the tour and were teasing us with photos and tour tidbits, when Saturday finally decided to roll around we couldn’t wait to finish our day jobs and jump on the next train down to the city!

We arrived at the venue just before 6pm and were very pleased to be greated by this view!

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The Bedroom Hour – Hinterland Album Launch

The Bedroom Hour are launching their debut album ‘Hinterland’. Heading to their second home  in Manchester, on Saturday 12th July 2014, The Bedroom Hour, will be packing their guitars and music gear and heading down to the Night and Day cafe to perform their new wonderful tracks and to put on a night to remember.

Be sure to get down and check them out on

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Thebedroomhour

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thebedroomhour?fref=ts