Ralf Dee – Your Time Is Now

Your Time Is Now is significantly different from many albums that are being released currently. While many albums are filled with songs about love and heartbreak, ‘getting it on’, and generally partying, German singer-songwriter Ralf Dee has written an album with songs talking about relying on technology, global and local issues, and those people that are only around when you’re doing well and disappear when things start to change.

ralf dee

The Wrong Lane kicks off the album, and talks about relying on sat-navs to get us to where we want to go but still ending up on ‘the wrong lane‘ because other things are on our mind and not getting a ‘second chance if you don’t get there in time‘. It’s a great way to start off the album, showcasing Dee‘s guitar skills and his distinct vocals. At first listen this song suggests nothing more than what the lyrics actually say, but after a few more listens, a deeper meaning becomes apparent, about how we get distracted in life with everything that’s going on around us, we often end up in ‘the wrong lane‘ when trying to chase our dreams.

 As Long follows on, with a much clearer message, about how it’s often hard to keep turning a blind eye to the problems of the world and fighting for justice. It’s a song that lyrically reminds me of U2‘s Sunday, Bloody Sunday and The CranberriesZombie.

The album continues filled with story-telling lyrics about being briefly immortal (Blink Of An Eye), playing for pittance but loving what he is doing (A Couple Of Brews) and those people who are only around when you’re in the limelight, and disappear as soon as things get rough (The Lucky Ones). The lyrics are the strongest part of the album, and with Dee‘s distinctive voice, they’re songs you will instantly recognise.

Overall it’s a good album with a great mix of folk and blues really showcasing Dee‘s talent, and worth giving a listen to.

You can hear Ralf Dee‘s The Lucky Ones on The Kitty Opal Show and in the Reach 4 Unsigned playlist, both on Reach On Air.


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