Clustersun – Surfacing To Breathe

The Psych-Gaze outfit, Clustersun are releasing their new album, Surfacing To Breathe on Seahorse Records on 19th May 2017.

Clustersun - Surfacing To Breathe (cover)

The album is full of loud, complex psychedelic soundscapes woven with dreamy melodies that wrap around around you, immersing you completely with the sound. You’re lured in the intriguing layers of Raw Nerve and hooked on the journey the album takes you on.

Surfacing To Breathe is loud and in your face, it won’t let your attention slip away for a moment. If this album is on, you are listening to it and that is that.

Each track stands up and makes you take notice, whether its the The Whirling Dervish hook, or the drum intro of Antagonize Me. If there is any fear of you drifting away into your subconscious, this album will make sure you’re brought back at every point.

We are particularly enjoying tracks Antagonize Me, Surfacing To Breathe and Raw Nerve.

Raw Nerve is available to buy now and you can watch the video below:


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