Glove Compartment – The Art of Pretending


Title: The Art of Pretending
Artist: Glove Compartment
Standout Track: Caroline
Release: February 2019
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The new project from one half of the Candle Thieves is the exquisitely intimate and immersive Glove Compartment.

While each track has its own reason for standing out, I particularly want to highlight two tracks from this album that really stick out for me. Firstly, Caroline. Caroline is that marvellously petty break up song you really want while you lick clean your wounds. Perfect to sing spitefully into your hairbrush while plotting that sweet sweet revenge. The lyrics really make this track to stand out, painting some gruesomely wonderful images. ‘Put my head inside a guillotine, bury me alive in asbestos’ are two chorus lines that particularly stand out.

Ed.U.Cated-Crook has an intro that flirts gently with you before pulling  you into an excellent upbeat track, with a great beat to get you dancing. With lyrics that include the line ‘you’ve been lobotomised by chapter 5’ it is guaranteed to be a fun track that you’ll love. Add to that the catchy ‘it takes a real man to cry, it takes a real strong man to cry’ and you’ll be singing it all week!

Overall this album brings together exquisite musicianship and lyricism along with a dollop of relatable reality that deliver a gentle and often humorous take on events many of us have experienced.

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